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Sunrise or Sunset?

Can't decide which time to shoot? I've got you covered! 



Sunrise shoots are Brigitta's fave! The biggest difference to note when deciding between sunrise and sunset is that in Delaware, the sun rises behind the ocean! So, sunrise creates a halo effect behind subjects leaving the skies absolutely dreamy. Depending on the time of year, the sunrise can be SUPER early, so be realistic about if this would work for you. Sunrise can work GREAT for young kiddos because you can get them up , out and have your shoot over before you know it. No need to spend the day fretting about nap schedules and cranky kids nearing dinner and bedtime. One other positive note on sunrise shoots- the beaches are usually much emptier than sunset.



Many people prefer sunset because they don't love to wake up early. And, that's okay! Sunsets are also stunning, and we can get a wide array of colors in the evenings. Sunsets can be quite late in the mid summer months, so Brigitta generally offers an earlier and later sunset slot to fit your preference. The Delaware sun sets behind our dunes, so we will normally start with the dune shots and end closer to the water. If we're at a location with greenery, I like to play with the sun peaking through the trees during this golden hour. Golden hour can last a little longer at sunset than it does at sunrise which is why I offer 2 slots at sunset and one at sunrise.

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